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Heidi McKee: Reviews

Your CD sounds AWESOME! I love the production, it suits the songs and your voice.
Mark - Georgia (Apr 3, 2009)

Artists: Heidi McKee (vocals and guitar) ,Tony Ford (instrumental), Jacqueline McKee, Robert McKee and Faith McKee (vocals)
Serge Entertainment Group 00261-26687
Running Length: 40 minutes
12 Tracks

Heidi McKee knows her way around inspirational lyrics, that’s for sure. In the CD “Difference,” she shows a display of talent ranging from slower-paced songs such as “One Truth” to “Wings of a Melody” to the rousing “Wrong Too Long (Gonna Get Right Tonight.”) McKee plays guitar and is aided on instrumentals by Tony Ford.

With a voice that is throaty, she catches your ear immediately with the first track, “Rest in You.” "’re the one I run toyou will carry me.” Her phrasing is well done as in “Difference,” the title song. Here, there is an instrumental opening, up beat and all through, you can imagine flashing neon lights. “I walk in His love and I’m never wrong,” tells us that we can find solace with Him, also.

On a slower pace, “One Truth” is ballad-like and says that “as this world starts to fade away and crumble, you’re the one, the one truth.” “Wrong Too Long (Gonna Get Right Tonight)” reminded me of a revival in which the person singing wants Jesus to “write me in your book of life”” and they will finally get it right. The lyrics shine here.
Marie Asner - Phantom Tollbooth (Aug 16, 2009)
I got the CD's - I Love it! You are awesome.
Maureen - Illinois (Apr 3, 2009)
Your CD Rocks! I'm tellin' you, I was worshipping in my car all the way to work this morning! I know exactly what I'm going to do with these... a little mission work of my own.
Rebecca - Arizona (Apr 3, 2009)
I'm sooooooo proud of you for making a quite enjoyable CD. I liked everything about it. She shoots.... she scores!!!
Wil - Georgia (Apr 3, 2009)
“Heidi McKee knows what it means to be inspired. She shares that inspiration with sincerity and joy with her positive songs, voice, and energetic production. This CD is a real pleasure to listen to from the beginning to the “bonus” tracks at that end where she shares the spotlight with her children singing along.”
Sara Light - Sara-Nashville TN (Apr 14, 2009)
I love your CD. My favorite keeps on changing. That's the mark of a great CD.
Susan - Georgia (Apr 3, 2009)