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Heidi McKee: Music

One Truth (Difference)

(Heidi McKee)
One Truth
Heidi McKee
1. In this world it’s hard to find a /solid place to stand.
What’s truth one day/ becomes a passing craze.
Through these troubled time Lord I know your word stands strong.
You’re where my hope belongs.
You’re the One. You’re the one truth
The same yesterday, tomorrow you never change
You’re the one, you’re the one truth
As this world starts to crumble and fad away
You’re the One Truth that remains.
2. I’m placing all my faith/ in you my king.
Your words been proven /time and time again.
Your my solid place my beacon in the dark.
You’re the compass in my heart.


Bridge: The grass may wither. The flowers my fall. God your words stand through it all