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Heidi McKee: Music

Your Glory God (Light)

(Heidi McKee)
October 27, 2010
Heidi Mckee
This song was inspired through witnessing. Talking to people who think the Bible is full of stories and not seeing it is really a book of Prophesy. Events in the Bible have come true time and time again. Explaining that being a Christain in not just blind faith but a real walk with an amazing Father that shows his Glory. We don't blindly follow a God in stories, but a God that is alive, loves us and shows himself to us all the time. I have seen his Glory and know many many many others that have as well. What an amazing, loving, merciful God we follow! I pray the scales will be removed from many peoples eyes so they can clearly see the gift that is right before them.
Your Glory God
Heidi McKee
Copyright 2010
Deuteronomy 5:24 Jeremiah 14:22

Vs1 I’ve been asked why I believe what I believe.
Why I blindly follow tales from so long ago.
Your such a beautiful mystery.
I’ve seen what you can do that’s how I know.
I’ve seen your spirit take the bottle from daddy’s hands.
I’ve seen prayer turn bad xrays into good ones again.
I’ve seen countless dreams come true against all odds.
I’ve seen your Glory God I’ve seen your glory God.

Oh my faith in you in always growing.
Ive seen your word coming true time and time again.
You are my hope you’re my everything.
Your love is pouring all around like rain.