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Heidi McKee: Music

Rest In You (Difference)

(Heidi McKee/Tony Ford)
Rest in You
Heidi McKee and Tony Ford
Verse 1.
Sometimes my head keeps on pounding
My life’s got me way too uptight
Sometimes the world comes crashing down on me
Drowning out all of the light (Yeah Yeah)
Verse 2
I keep on trying but sometimes I fall
I keep on chasing after it all
Everything gonna be alright
Cause I walk by faith and not by site
I rest in you (You are my peace)
I rest in you (You are my strength)
Through every storm no matter what comes you’re the one that I run to
I rest in you
Verse 3
Your mercy is something I don’t understand
It goes so far that I can’t find the end
Everything that you do and everything that you are
Makes me love you more
Bridge: What a comfort. What a comfort loving you Lord. You will carry me. You will carry me. You will carry me through every storm.