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Heidi McKee: Bio

Where is the best place to start? First of all my name is Heidi McKee. I guess thats a pretty good place to start. I live in the North Georgia Mountains. I live here with my 3 children or should I say teenagers.  My husband Rob and I have been married for 18 years now.  I am blessed to live in a really beautiful place. It is easy to feel close to God and see his presence everywhere. I have written all of my songs from my home. I also work full time at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. I work as a Global Program Manager and have the opportunity to work with people all over the world. Basically I run around like crazy like almost everyone else.


It was about 16 years ago I was thanking God for all the amazing blessings He has provided. I felt unworthy. I mean really. What did I do to deserve everything God has done for me? I asked God if I could do anything to bless him back. I woke up at 3 a.m. and wrote my first song. I had always written and played guitar. God put them both together that night. I had a long long way to go to improve my song writing. I joined SongU and was able to learn the art of songwriting from the best. I am still learning. I had also started to play my songs at church.Well I hid behind the piano. lol Each step has been scary and exhilarating. I jumped and God helped me fly.  I have gone from hiding behind a piano to performing in a variety of places and not hiding behind anything.   God helped me go from one simple song to being an accomplished song writer.  Fast forward to today. I am just finishing my 3rd CD "Crazy Good."

I have loved watching God work through his music and touch lives.  Trust me when I say this was all because of God's blessings that I was able to accomplish one thing.  I was able to do it with my family.  I loved including my children and seeing their faces light up as they sang about God.


"Difference" was my debut CD.  I was inspired by Christians that were facing really horrible things in their lives.  One of my closet friends had just lost a child in a car accident.  Instead of falling apart they witnessed and told people about God.  I said to the person next to me, "Thats the difference when you have God in your life."  My first CD was born.  I cannot tell you the people that have written and expressed how these songs have helped them.


"Light" was inspired by the Lord.  He is a light. He is the Prince of Peace and I do want to be his Lighthouse.


"Crazy Good" was inspired by God's blessings and wondrous love.  It was born out of the desire to share how wonderful it is to have a deep relationship with God. The joy of walking day in and day out with our Creator.  I lived through each one of these songs.  I rewrote some of these songs so many times. I guess it like starting new each day on your journey.  

I have been blessed by the people in my life.  I have family and friends that have believed in me and encouraged me.  You really open yourself up when your song writing, sharing, and chasing dreams.  They have lifted me up and put me back on my path more than a few times.


Thank you for listening to and sharing my music.  Thank you for listening to my story.  Believe in yourself and have faith.  God has plans for you beyond anything you could ever imagine!